The Pathway to Believe

The Pathway to Believe

The sky never falls
But the rainfall descends.
The sun always shines
For the vision,
Even in the diminishing winter.
A game of survival
Teaches the meaning of life.
The spring of desire,
Wants to fly the kite of hope.
A flower in the garden
Is not alone,
Without spectators;
Because nature also observes.
An outlook is a cultivated
Tool of thought.
The diminishing world,
Needs not to be swept away
But kissed in the face of agony.
The wind blows mercilessly,
The plight releases in the open air.
A wonderful coping mechanism
Is a river of expression.
Freedom is in expressing.

© Sushant Thapa
Biratnagar-13, Nepal

  Bio of Sushant Thapa

Sushant Thapa (born on 26th February, 1993) is a Nepalese poet from Biratnagar-13, Nepal who holds a Master’s degree in English literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

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