Creative Liberty in Life

Creative Liberty in Life - Poem by Rajendra Ojha (Nayan)

Similar to the liberty we have in any arts,
Shouldn’t we have it in everything we do?
We say, the freedom of individuals is the greatest.
But, do we really have the creative liberty in life-
that helps to assure that freedom in work?

Regardless of what work we attempt to bring to life in creative liberty,
Our activities are governed by numerous constraints.
So, we can’t break free from work taboos; and-
Provide creative freedom to improve the work we do.

As creativity is an essential part of every work,
The chain of creative liberty shouldn’t be broken.
Yes! Everything here is an artifact of the big bang we had.
And nature, we know—
runes like the game of ‘RuneScape’.
But in reality: the scope of the job restricts this liberty!

For what I understand this liberty is,
Creativity should be set free like a wild animal.
Only then will we see the creative liberty in life.

© Rajendra Ojha (Nayan)
Kathmandu, Nepal

Bio of Rajendra Ojha (Nayan)

Rajendra Ojha (Nayan) is a Nepalese poet, philosopher, social researcher, social worker, and EU-certified trainer. He also served as a citizen diplomat for three months under the ‘Ministry of Population and Environment’ in 2018 in Switzerland for the diplomatic program of the Minamata Convention, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland. Poems and philosophical writings of Rajendra Ojha have been published in various national as well as international literary journals from Nepal, the U.S.A., India, China, Russia, Spain, Myanmar, and Pakistan in both Nepalese and English. He has also published two anthologies, ‘Through the World’ (a collection of experimental poems) and ‘Words of Tiger’ (a collection of philosophical and psychological poems), in 2011 and 2019, respectively. Mr. Rajendra Ojha had been honored by two major prestigious awards named ‘Asia’s Outstanding Internship Solution Provider Award 2020/21’ and ‘Dadasaheb Phalke Television Award 2023’ for his work as a ‘Social Researcher’ as well as a ‘Social Worker’ (Activities related to Social Responsibility) respectively in 2021 and 2023.

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