Crying Buddha

Crying Buddha

Buddha is crying.
From the golden statue of Buddha
Tear runs down from left eye of Buddha.
His compassionate eyes
Have been turned into blues.
His enlightened words
Are passive to console him.

He is complaining about modern humanity
Where everyone is selfish.
Fragile ego has been taller than
Everest and brighter than diamond.
His breath breezes around
The fascinating scent of flowers.
Mother earth is bathing
in the bloodshed of her children.
The world is occupied with conflicts.

Buddha wants to get out of the statue
To teach the world about the peace.
Buddha is so unfortunate.
His spirit is freely bounded in a statue.
Buddha can do nothing except laughing and crying on his faith.

©️ Kumar Ghimire

Kumar Ghimire is a Nepalese poet. His poems have been published on many national and international magazines like Sahitya Post, Polish Magazine, Synchronized chaos, writers club etc.

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