Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

When you have your body covered, your eyes covered, your hands coverd but your mind can create a world of love and beauty…
You are a fallen Angel

When you have been in a toxic relationship, no matter if is your close friend or family or your wife or your husband and you manage to get out intact, with your heart full of hope
You are a fallen Angel

If you were ever bullied about your sex, your ability to learn too slow or to eat too much or to cry for everything, or to be too sentimental
You are a fallen Angel

If you are broken and you try to fix the other without asking for understanding or compassion or even someone, be there with you in your hardest times…
You are a fallen Angel

As this world goes through difficult times and become more and more dangerous for women and children, I pray to you Fallen Angel…

Put back your beautiful wings
This world needs you to heal!!!!

© Eva Lianou Petropoulou

Bio of Eva Lianou Petropoulou

Eva Lianou Petropoulou is an awarded author and poet from Greece with more than 25 years in the Literary field and has published more than 15 books. Her poems have been translated in more than 20 languages. She is the President of Creativity and Art of Mil Mentes Por Mexico Association representing Greece, President of Global UHE Peru, Vice President of Cultural Association China, Mexico. Member of Association International poets and writers Greece Media partner and World Ambassador of international Academy of Ethics India.


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